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A multidisciplinary theater performance in which major themes of struggle and survival in the colonies are depicted from a female and African perspective in Afro-futuristic forms. The inspiration is the West African black rice that was smuggled along in the hair of Maroon women, and its significance today.

My role: Costume & Sculpture Design

Genre: Theatre

Year: 2023

Produced by: Plein Theater Producties & Kula Skoro. 

Director: Berith Danse

Co-director: Josè Tojo

Choreography: Dayna Martinez Marales 

Performers: Alexandra Loembé, Angelika Naingie, Josè Tojo, Dayna Martinez Marales 

Scenography: Bartel Meyburg

Video art: Bouba Dola

Composer: Ivo Bol

Light design: Frank Oorthuys

Costume assistance: Mikki Passenier

Tailor: Rachelle Vork

Photographer: Moon Saris

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