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What do a toddler and an average world leader have in common? Would that president also sometimes throw a tantrum in the supermarket aisle? Or scream until he gets what he wants? Let a toddler speak and a grown man in a suit babble nonsense. If you look through your eyelashes, you almost can't tell the difference. Only one is in charge and the other has to do as he is told.

My role: Costume Design

Genre: Children's Theatre

Year: 2022

Won the 'Zilveren Krekel ' in the "Most Impressive Production" category in 2022. 

Produced by: MAAS Theater en Dans

In co-production with: Atta Festival, Istanbul

Director: René Geerlings

Dutch cast: Sue-Ann Bel, Henke Tuinstra, Sanne Bokkers, Carole van Ditzhuyzen, Pamela Schaap, Wendy Briggeman, Djinti Sullivan (in alternating combinations)

Turkish cast: Müge Gülgün, Simel Keçicioğlu, Almıla Bayraktar, Oya Bacak (in alternating combinations)

Scenography: Sanne Danz

Composers: Reinier van Harten & Sergio Escoda

Tailor: Stef Krull

Wigs: Cynthia van der Linden

Moustaches: Stan Roobol

Costume assistance: Alice Sprascio & Karmijn Lange

Choreography advice: Art Srisayam & Erik Bos

Construction busts: Jannelies Raaijmakers

Production: Djoeke Westdijk

Photographers: Kamerich & Budwilowitz

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