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A show for the whole family about angry flowers and sad bees who are trying to give a good example on how to save the world.

My role: Costume Design & Scenography

Genre: Children's Theatre

Year: 2022

Produced by: Bonte Hond

Concept and Directed by: Judith Faas

Text: Sanne Schumacher

Actors: Anna Keuning, Anna Nijenhuis, Britt van Tooren, Dionisio Matias, Floyd Koster, Frankly Joe Maulany, Katelijne Beukema, Milan Boele van Hensbroek, NaberMacnack, Tim Schouten

Music composition: Reinier van Harten

Dramaturgy: Victor Mentink

Direction assistant: Millie Lijbers

Production: Annekatrien Gielkens

Photographers: Kamerich&Budwilowitz

Costume Intern: Deniz Lindenbergh

Assistants: Sally Saphi, Britt Benschop and Milou Oosterom

Tailoring green suits: Emma Moerbeek

Set construction: LIWI

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